Largest selection of  frehswater Coin pearls strand in diferent color,size &quality, and the coin pearl are mostly round, always bold & beautiful.The pearls form around the shaped disc. By using different shaped discs, coin pearls are also made in square, heart and triangle shapes

knowledge: Coin pearls are formed by placing a disc shaped pearl bead nucleus,not a round bead nucleus in a mollusk The nucleus is made from natural shell material,typically Mother of Pearl.

wholesale coin pearl strand - coin pearl beads-freshwater pearls-cultured coin pearl in mutli-color mutli-size

olive green coin shape freshwater pearl strand on sale,Fine luster,Smooth with slightly dimple

Pearl Quality: Fine luster,Smooth with slightly dimple.
Pearl Size: 12mm-13mm
Pearl Type: Cultured freshwater coin pearl
Pearl Color: Olive green(No.12)
Available Color: Various Color for you choose
Strands' Length: 16inch
MOQ: 10 strands


$9.50 per strand
$8.74 each at 50 strands or more
$8.36 each at 100 strands or more

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