have largest selection of freshwater blister pearl beads in different color,size and quality!

Knowledge: A blister pearl (also called a bouton pearl) is a pearl that developed attached to the inside of a mollusk's shell. This type of pearl must be cut off the shell, and is therefore hemispherical.

wholesale blister pearl strand - blister pearl beads-freshwater pearls-cultured blister pearl in mutli-color mutli-size

9-11mm Dark red frehswater blister pearl strand at wholesale prices

Pearl Size: 9-111mm
Pearl Type: Middle-drilled freshwater blister pearl
Pearl Color: Dark Red (No.39)
Pearl Quality: truly unique and individually shaped, thickly nacred and good luster
Available Color: Various Color for you choose
Strands' Length: 16inch
MOQ: 10 strands

$1.90 per strand
$1.75 each at 60 strands or more
$1.67 each at 100 strands or more

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