Keishi freshwater cultured pearl beads, kashi pearl beads, keshi pearls from

Knowledge: Keishi pearls are formed when the mollusk ejects the pearl bead nucleus but continues to make a pearl. The pearl size is refered to its longer length range(e.g. 6-8mm).
Keishi pearls sometimes are also called "cornflake pearls" because of the unusual shapes. You may find these same pearls described with a variety of spellings, too, such as "Keshi","Kashi" or "Keishe".


wholesale keshi pearl strand - keshi pearl beads-freshwater Keishi pearls-cultured keshi pearl in mutli-color mutli-size

side-dirlled silver white colored keishi pearls strand in wholesale

Pearl Size: 6-8mm
Pearl Type:Side-drilled freshwater keshi pearl
Pearl Color: Silver White (No.7)
Pearl Quality:  thickly nacred and good luster
Available Color: Various Color for you choose
Strands' Length: 16inch
MOQ: 10 strands