Professional jewellery light wire cutter pliers--pliers001

Supply  Professional jewellery light wire cutter pliers(Pliers001)  

Tools Name: Jewelry light wire cutter pliers
Tool featured: Yellow soft foam grip handles for comfort and reduced fatigue when using for prolonged periods.
Tools Color: Yellow
Tools usage: Designed for cutting soft wires such as Sterling Silver or Gold-filled wire, copper wire, or  stringing products, these cutters will also work on thread, leather or monofilament line. Angled blades shear line without fraying and leave a smooth, clean edge. The fine tips insure that you can trim wires in tight spots - great for trimming wire-wrapped items! Not recommended for cutting hard wires like Memory Wire.
Tools' Length: 125mm(5")
MOQ: 10pcs

This list price is for one piece jewerly light wire cutter pliers;

Price: $1.65
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